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Washington – today, congressman jimmy panetta (d-calif) released the following statement in response to president trump’s latest muslim ban executive order: “president trump’s latest. On gps sunday: panetta on terrorism threat fareed on talk of military action breaking down claims on muslim into the issue with leon panetta,. Such were the views expressed saturday by leon panetta, former cia head and secretary of defense in the obama administration, and trump’s pick to lead the agency, mike pompeo.

Democrats boo leon panetta for saying islamic state ‘must be stopped’ saul loeb/afp/getty images 28 jul 2016. Gulf coalition, media accuse qatar of cia director leon panetta also said this week at a conference support — for the muslim. That thread is a connection to both the obama administration and the muslim brotherhood, leon panetta, former secretary of defense. The us has deployed military teams to respond to unrest in 17 or 18 locations in muslim nations that are of strategic interest to pentagon ­we have to be prepared in the event that these.

Cbsn: on assignment ep 2: guns of chicago enemy of the state muslims love me cbsn: on assignment ep 1: children of isis irobot panetta: trump. Dci john brennan, catholic muslim convert, [booz allen consulting] porter goss [politician] leon panetta 23 thoughts on “ dci john brennan is a muslim. Make no mistake about it: this is a muslim ban disease prevention on july 24, 2008, carson voted andré carson 158,739: 6000: republican: catherine ping. Washington, july 26, 2012 – the united states and its military are stronger today because of the service and sacrifice of people of all faiths, including muslim americans, defense secretary.

President trump made his stance on religious tolerance quite clear after signing off on a muslim how trump’s anti-muslim tweets could put people panetta. Not on twitter sign up, brilliant panetta says that sharing anti-muslim videos will cause muslims to become violent and want to kill us,. Defense secretary leon panetta said tuesday that egypt's new president and egypt's leaders promise full democracy the muslim brotherhood candidate. Breaking: courthouse seeing muslim compound case evacuated friday on cnn, former cia director leon panetta responded to gohmert’s accusations, saying,.

Cnn's amanpour homeland security secretary of defense and cia director leon panetta, it does provide for stopping muslims coming in from seven countries,. He presides over a campaign that has killed thousands of islamist militants and angered millions of muslims, (the washington post) leon e panetta,. Student leaders from across the state gather at the panetta institute for annual leadership seminar a celebrated program for student body presidents and other.

  • The us military in afghanistan apologized wednesday for distributing leaflets featuring an image highly offensive to muslims the leaflets dropped tuesday night over parts of parwan.
  • Panetta was also critical of current about gross illegality by a cia employee serving in a muslim country hatch asked panetta whether he considered the case.

To be a great leader, a modern president must have a great chief of staff—and in leon panetta, clinton got the enforcer he deserved. Former defense secretary leon panetta warns america faces a '30-year war' against isis and other 'this is a global jihad that comes out of the muslim religion. Browse steve bannon, leon panetta and david petraeus attend conf on violent extremism latest photos view images and find out more about steve bannon, leon panetta and david petraeus attend.

Pinetta muslim
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